June 25, 2022

4 spring side dishes to serve with a bream

The bream is a fish known for its delicate white flesh. It can also be enjoyed without moderation (77 calories per 100 grams). So we have fun on the accompaniments, cooked with butter or olive oil, for gourmet meals.

They are the traditional accompaniment of the bream miller; the potatoes, roasted in the oven, with a persillade, can be enjoyed very well with this fish. Prefer those with firm flesh. You can also cook them in field dress and chive cream.

Rice or risotto
Rice is appreciated with the fish but the risotto tends to be a nice place in cookbooks. Smooth, it fits well with the flesh of the bream. With cepes, Parmesan cheese, lime and coconut milk, the recipes are endless.


Pasta is appreciated more with meat. But with the bream, we can imagine fresh tagliatelle that will bring roundness to dish.


The vegetables of the sun

The list is long because all vegetables can decorate a fish. Leeks, carrots, for the most classic. We find in summer vegetables of the sun.

Provencal tomatoes, zucchini and peppers are the best known. The bream is even better with vegetables sliced ​​finely with mandolin and baked in tian, stewed, mousse or simply ratatouille.

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