May 28, 2024

4 tips for cooking steam rhymes with good mood

1 - We do good to his ego

Just read all the benefits of the steam cooking to do good: less fat, preserved nutrients, a lot of condensed perfumes (because the products are impregnated with each other), an immediate home broth and an unbreakable cooking ...

2 - We perfume and spice

Look closely at this little cupboard where you pile up so many herbs and spices without using enough of them ... with the steam cookingit's time to use everything! This cooking is ideal for full of flavors. Place your herbs and spices directly in the cooking water (the latter can itself be replaced by wine or broth), and let it cook quietly. Forget the salt too and do like the great chefs: put coarse salt!

3 - Who said that only vegetables were steamed?

Even though it is very healthy, the steam cooking is not a diet kitchen. The proof: couscous, ravioli, foie gras steamed, risotto and other cassolettes lend themselves very well to this kind of cooking ... and the list is long!

4 - A chocolate cake ... steam?

Yes! If it does not put a good mood ... anyway, you read correctly: it is possible to make delicious chocolate cakes with steam (even soft), among other gourmet desserts to perfection. Steamed flan, rice pudding, floating islands, pudding, caramelized apples, pies, improved yogurts ...


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