December 1, 2021

4 tips for kids to get back to school on the right side

Reassure your child
A few days before the start of the school year, anxiety is rising among children. And this, whatever their age. Many questions tapping: the mistress will she be as nice as the previous one? Will I meet my friends in the fall? Will I be in a good class? Faced with all his questions, be attentive and know how to find the right words to reassure your child.

Be positive

Does your toddler get depressed about going back to school? Find together the positives. This year, he will learn a foreign language, he will discover many activities and make new friends. If a class trip is planned, emphasize this point. That will give him a smile immediately.

Boost his confidence
At the beginning of the school year, children often doubt themselves. They can be impressed, especially if they enter CP and 6th. If your little one is in this case, register him for a sports class, drama, singing. Ideal to boost his self-esteem. Also buy new clothes and give in to the whim of having the latest fashionable binder if it is close to his heart. The main thing is to help him feel good about facing this big day.

Prepare for the start
To start the year on the right foot and in all serenity, prepare the back to school with your toddler. Buy supplies that make you want to work, fill the binder together and plan in advance what clothes your blond head will wear. This will prevent last-minute anxiety attacks. For the stressed, buy a book explaining the return. Furnish your room child to offer him good working conditions. And above all, show him that you are present at his side to pass this course hands down.

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