May 20, 2024

4 tips for making delicious ravioli

Plate of ravioli : manual
The plates of ravioli are simply at the supermarket. And have about the same shape as lasagna. To use them, nothing more simple. Dip them whole in a large pan of simmering water. Cook for a minute. Meanwhile, ravioli will gradually come off and rise to the surface. Use a skimmer to collect them or add a drop of oil to the cooking water if you prefer the colander. Savor without delay.


What to do with?
Serve them ravioli or baste with a tomato-basil sauce, or cheese just melting. For a beautiful dressage, use hollow plates, and drop them ravioli on a fragrant broth. Want to cook them? With, make a gratin with zucchini, or decorate a green salad with diced chicken to get a dish full. Another idea: incorporate them into a pie, a pizza, a cake or even a soup. Or fry them for a crisp and original result.


Be well equipped
You want to do dough à ravioli yourself? For this, you need a machine to pasta, also called "rolling mill". It is fixed on the work surface and is usually equipped with a crank. This manual model is often preferred to the automatic mill. By turning the crank at your own pace, it is easier to get the desired thickness.


What do I put in my ravioli ?
The ravioli hide some cheese fresh, unlike ravioli, which contains meat. They are also thinner. So much for the theory. In practice, treat yourself. Garnish with shrimps, vegetables, mushrooms ... Place the filling in the center, close and weld the contours by pressing them lightly. Cut with a cookie cutter to obtain homogeneous shapes. Then, dive ravioli in a large pot of simmering water for two minutes. It only remains to feast your loved ones.


How To Cook Ravioli - Tips And Hints For Cooking Homemade Ravioli (May 2024)