July 12, 2024

4 tips to keep your nail polish

Where to put his varnish?

Varnishes hate light and heat, two factors that accelerate the decomposition of their components. So you have to store your nail polish in the shelter, if possible in a dark place. The must: keep them in a cold place, like your refrigerator. This will allow your varnish to remain fluid and flexible, and thus prevent it from becoming pasty.

How to maintain the bottle?

Pay close attention to the neck of the bottle. If it is poorly cleaned, and there are some residues of varnish, the neck is likely to dry. It will be very difficult to open your bottle of nail polish. To avoid this inconvenience, remember to clean the neck of your bottle after each use.

Shake the bottle

Before using your nail polish, be sure to shake it, by tapping the underside of the bottle on the palm of your hand. Objective: the good mixture of pigments. This prevents the varnish from thickening too much. Little trick: if you do not hear the little ball (located in each bottle of nail polish) bouncing is the sign that your varnish is too thick, and therefore no longer usable.

To save your polish

Your polish is too thick or too dry? One solution: a few drops of thinner or pure alcohol (70 or 90), to add in your bottle of nail polish. A miracle cure, to revive your polish and also save some money.