April 20, 2024

4 tips to prepare a perfect aioli

1 - Successful emulsion
For which'aioli take, it is necessary to add another liquid to theoil. Purists will rely on garlic juice only, which is the traditional recipe; if you start, use egg yolk or lemon juice; there are even recipes with potatoes or milk, because these ingredients help the sauce to take. Between tradition and ease, you will have to choose!
To prevent theaioli liquefies, you can add a tablespoon of potato pulp.
2 - Select your oil
Opt for a oil Provencal olive of good quality, which you add drop by drop or fillet in your mixture, with the pestle always.
3 - Garlic: know your limits!
If garlic is the base of theaiolisome people tolerate it less than others. Remove the seed well before placing it in the mortar and carefully plunder. If it's your first aioli, start with one half-pod per person. You will see later if you prefer to increase.
4 - Sublimate your aioli
Why not prepare the traditional meal with a aioli garnished? This dish, based on cod and boiled vegetables, lends itself to many adjustments according to your tastes: different fish, like cod, adding sweet potato ... Tradition or not, it is a great way to taste your sauce.

How To Make Your Own Garlic Aioli (April 2024)