June 4, 2023

4 tips to teach baby cleanliness

Choose an attractive pot
The children are often afraid of toilets, afraid of falling into the toilet and being sucked into the toilet. To play down the situation, buy a nice and colorful pot for your toddler and tell him that the toilets are for the older ones. Nobody will force him to go on.

The pot is often abruptly introduced at the moment of toilet training. When the time is coming, place the pot prominently in the bathroom so your child become familiar with this funny object. Then, put him at his disposal in the toilet. Finally, make sure that the toilet door is always open. He can then go there when he wishes.

Do not force him
It is only around 15-20 months baby can control his sphincters, those muscles that close the bladder and anus. No need to scold him if he is in bed at 10 months. This is perfectly normal. How to know if he is ready for the pot? Baby get up, walk and sit down like a tall man. Moreover, he wants to imitate adults and is interested in the toilet bowl. Take the opportunity to show him the pot and explain his use. Above all, do not force him to go in if he is not ready yet. But leave the potty in the toilet in case he wants to try. Likewise, do not let him cry on it. If it's not for today, it will be for another time.

Praise your toddler
Your child managed to make a commission in the pot? Compliment it! For him, it is a victory, and above all, the sign that he is growing up and is no longer a baby. To help her get there whenever the need arises, also consider dressing her up with easy-to-remove clothes. However, you do not need to attend the peeing session of your toddler. He too needs privacy.

Be patient
All learning observes failures, like arriving too late on the pot. Do not scold him. Besides, know that night cleanliness is longer to acquire. To encourage your little one to relieve himself, present him the pot the morning just after getting up, before nap, before going to sleep at night ... Finally, do not forget that each child at his own pace and that girls are more precocious than boys in this area. Anyway, rest assured, your child will succeed to be clean. It just takes a little patience sometimes!

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