February 29, 2024

5 dessert ideas to enjoy with beer

If you serve an opera cake to your guests for the end of the meal, do not hesitate to accompany it with a beer brown and unctuous like the Brown Pelforth or the Brown Leffe. These last two will reinforce the delicate and soft side of dessert French. To break this round note and play on the subtlety of tastes and textures. Propose the Opera with a cherry Kriek, the fruity aromas will embellish the chocolate and the result on the palate will be puzzling to your guests.

When introducing a strawberry plant, have fun proposing the Beer Belgian name Hat. Choose the strawberry one, to play on a tone-on-tone effect and thus decline the aromas of the red fruit. If you prefer simplicity, choose a beer blonde light and easy to drink like the Carling.

Your dessert favorite is the cream caramel ? Accompany her with a Fischer amber reserve. With its coppery dress and its fine beige-colored foam, this beer releases, once in the mouth, a spicy, fruity and slightly caramelized fragrance ...

To accompany a vanilla ice cream, nothing like a Brown Chestnut Oxit. This beer craft produced in the heart of the Tarn has subtle aromas combining chestnut and vanilla. Its white foam, tinged with brown, dense and persistent, creates a play of texture with ice cream.

Accompany a pistachio financier with a beer does not seem obvious. And yet! With its flavors of grilled malts, the beer Irish Murphy's Irish Red is the ideal drink. In addition, her red dress and her ivory foam promise a dessert High in color.
To highlight dishes sweet, you will understand, nothing like beer. In addition to being friendly, this drink will sublimate literally your desserts. No matter the scent, as long as there is drunkenness!

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