April 1, 2020

5 good resolutions for Mister to improve his fertility

Go green
One of the keys to success for a fertility optimal is the diet: vitamin B9 intake plays on the quality of sperm, the consumption of green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach ...) is extremely interesting, says Dr. Agullo, author of the guide The dietetics of the fertility.

Adopt antioxidants
Real protectors of the cells, the antioxidants are indispensable in a boosting regime of fertilityeven for Monsieur, says Dr. Agullo. Foods such as wheat germ or brewer's yeast are particularly rich and therefore to be adopted daily to have lasting and important effects.

Make a cure of zinc
If it were necessary to retain only one it would be him: the zinc is a trace element central in the preservation of the fertility. It plays a role of hormonal regulator and contributes to the good mobility of the spermatozoa, adds the specialist. It is found in high concentration in seafood, to consume without moderation, but also meat and whole grains.

Forget the cigarette
If pollutants and toxins in general are to flee to increase its fertility, the cigarette is the enemy number 1. The nicotine it contains is a big endocrine disruptor. Already strongly discouraged for women who take a contraceptive, it is also to be removed to find a hormonal system at the top.

Play sports
In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, sport is the right resolution to adopt! In addition to finding an athlete's body, this will allow your man to boost his immune defenses and evacuate toxins and stress!

Spiritual Housekeeping: A Study in Concentration in the Busy Life by Annie Rix Militz (April 2020)