August 16, 2022

5 greedy ways to cook fresh goat cheese

Fresh salad
With the peaks of heat, we look for freshness in parks, pools, but also on the plate. So, let yourself be tempted by a salad Icelandic iceberg lettuce, shrimp, marinated herring, salmon tartare and fresh goat cheese. Do you prefer local products? Reconcile with the green lentils of Puy by making an entry with bacon, cherry tomatoes and cheese fresh. Or revisit the delicious salad of cucumber-melon-feta by replacing the cheese ewe by its equivalent to the goat. A tip: do not forget the aromatic herbs and lemon juice to wake up your taste buds.

It's time for an aperitif!
For your fresh goat cheese roulades, replace the white ham seen and reviewed with smoked salmon. Place your pudding for a few minutes in the freezer then cut into slices. Then, treat your guests by making a crumble of tomatoes enhanced by cheese. Or make cold mint cucumber soup. Then continue with a terrine of zucchini, goat cheese and salmon as a starter.

Pie, quiches, clafoutis and co
A broken pastry drags in your fridge? Use it to cook a pie tomato-onion-goat. Make a spinach, tuna, leek or mushroom quiche cheese fresh. Let yourself be tempted by a clafoutis with vegetables of the sun or make a tatin of aubergines and tomatoes. Unless you prefer the mesmerizing flavor of samosas with goats and olives.

Fill up on gourmet ideas
With fresh goat cheese, you can also cook a moussaka, lasagna, omelette, cannelloni ... Do not hesitate to stuff zucchini, mushrooms and peppers. And of course, drop some cheese fresh on a slice of bread topped with a drizzle of honey. What to boost any salad.

Sweety salty
Like the cheese of sheep that is eaten with black cherry jam, the fresh goat cheese is also delicious in a sweet version. Make a pie fine with melon or apricot and drop fresh goat cheese. Sprinkle with honey and bake. A delight ! Another idea: roast some figs. Or make tartlets, slippers and other crisps with pear or apple. Finally, to refresh yourself, revisit the fresh goat chilly. Mix it with sugar, liquid cream and spin the ice cream maker. Ideal for savoring cheese otherwise while feasting!

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