August 2, 2021

5 healthy materials to decorate the nursery

Natural or ecological paint
The painting, even with water, contains a large amount of solvents, irritable and very harmful to health. The good solution is the painting natural product composed solely of natural products or painting Ecological, more expensive but which guarantees your child to breathe healthy air.

Solid wood
Whether it is parquet or bed of your child, it is important to avoid wood chipboard or plywood because they contain formaldehyde. Also make sure that they are certified painted or varnished with natural materials.

Light, economical and modern, cardboard is a natural and healthy material ideal for developing the bedroom of baby. Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely strong and has the advantage of being much more manageable than solid wood. This is the perfect option for young, tight budget parents who do not want to compromise on their child's health.

Organic cotton
Always ready to reassure him, touched and put in the mouth, the blanket is the companion of your baby. So do not hesitate to invest in beautiful materials such as organic cotton to prevent it from being in permanent contact with solvents or hazardous materials.

Natural latex
It's something we do not necessarily think about, and yet: Mattress side, materials are also important! So choose a 100% natural latex mattress to minimize the risk of allergies and contact with mites.