December 1, 2021

5 household robots essential for breakfast

Coffee maker
For many women, it's impossible to put one foot in front of the other without a big bowl of coffee. So to please consumers, manufacturers compete ideas and sometimes call on muses. This is the case of Georges and his plastic capsules. But there are also paper pods, which can also be filled yourself with your own coffee, depending on the chosen machine. Moreover, if some models only make coffee, others offer drinks for the whole family: chocolate, tea, caffe latte ... But that the purists are reassured, filter coffee still has so many followers.

For you, the morning is synonymous with smoking tea or hot brew? Favor the kettle. Design side, prefer a model with flashy colors for good mood or stainless steel for a more Zen look. Make sure the power cord is long enough. Otherwise, tip for a cordless kettle. Moreover, according to the reference, the resistance is hidden or apparent. It's up to you to see what you prefer.

To get a delicious apple juice or banana-kiwi smoothie, invest in a juicer, also sold as a "juice machine". Depending on the model, the power and the number of speeds vary. Prefer a centrifuge with cord storage and non-slip feet, always practical. And if you have a large family, make sure you have enough jug. Indeed, it can contain 50 cl to more than one liter of liquid depending on the brand.

In the morning, nothing beats a toast and crisp sandwich, with a knob of butter that melts gently on it. Privilege a robot with several adjustable positions and different options. Indeed, some toasters are equipped with a function "defrosting" or "heats pastries". While others are equipped with a crumb tray and the possibility to choose the browning of bread. Essential !

Yogurt maker
Want a yogurt with vanilla, banana or Nutella? It's possible with a yogurt maker! If you have a large family or big eaters at home, pay extra attention to the following details. Depending on the model, their capacity varies from six to twelve pots, just as the capacity of these oscillating between 125 ml and 200 ml. Some products can also make faisselle. Also, make sure the pots and lids are dishwasher safe and that the model you choose has a timer. Ideal to have strawberry yogurts from the jump of the bed!

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