March 26, 2023

5 naughty scenarios for a hot night

Sexuality is important for a life of couple blossomed. It is often used as cement for many duos. To avoid that boredom is right for your union, nothing like to spice up a little lovemaking.

Play the game without a headache
Imagine a naughty story and slip into the skin of a character. Let yourself go. Above all, do not take yourself seriously.

Missing ideas? Rest assured, fantasies the best known often make good starting points. Stewardess, secretary or nurse are certainly the most classic scenarios but especially the most popular.

To get in the mood, also bet on disguises. Customize your clothes or go to a love-shop to find the costume of your choice. There is something for everyone: from the wisest to the sexiest.

If you do not feel comfortable, choose a garment from your wardrobe and imagine a story that suits you. In addition, do not hesitate to ask your lover for advice. He surely already has some ideas!

Take the game and release the pressure. After all, it's just about testing a new sexy activity with your man
The stewardess
Among the big fantasies male, of course we find the stewardess. Invest in a nice suit, then invite your sweetheart to sit on a passenger seat (the couch will be fine) and start the safety instructions. Then, in full flight, give a snack to your passenger a little particular. Heck, the turbulence has made you clumsy. We will have to clean this beautiful shirt ...
The Secretary
Again, we are in a known scenario. And a little macho, we grant you. Dress cross-legged, glasses and high heels and ask Chouchou, your boss to sign these very important documents. Of course, nothing prevents you from playing the CEO and Jules your trainee, just to restore parity.
The nurse
The love-shop is full of nurse costumes, so it will not be very difficult to find. Same for ideas. We forget about the open-heart operation like ER or the autoimmune disease at Dr. House, and we favor the small boils we treat with sensual kisses.
Photographer and model
And if your man turned into a fashion photographer. Put on the clothes of your choice, make yourself beautiful and play the models. Besides, why not pose naked in front of the lens?
The hitchhiker
Here is a scenario to do at home, by means of a sofa. Or to test for real in a corner of rather quiet nature. Take the trip to get to know each other. And maybe more.

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