June 25, 2022

5 received ideas about sex during pregnancy

It can trigger a miscarriage
Caroline Le Roux: "On the scientific level, we know categorically that sexual intercourse can not lead to miscarriage. Admittedly, orgasm can give some small contractions (pregnancy or not), as pains of rules, but without any consequence on the embryo. Afterwards, it is true that a woman who has had several miscarriages may prefer to avoid having sex, which is quite understandable psychologically. "

It's going to hurt baby
" Absolutely not ! It's impossible for your mate's penis to touch the baby. Certainly, the penis can come against the cervix, but it is at least 3 cm. In addition, the fetus is very well protected. Surrounded by amniotic fluid, it is like a bubble in the womb. "

It will trigger contractions
"Orgasm actually triggers contractions in the perineum and the uterus, pregnancy or not. But these are 3-4 small contractions, which you may not even feel, and which in no way can, on their own, trigger a delivery premature. On the other hand, in specific cases (threat ofdelivery premature, placenta previa, bleeding for example) your gynecologist or midwife may advise against sexual intercourse. When it comes to the myth of Italian triggering, it relies on the presence in the sperm of prostaglandin (hormone that triggers thedelivery), but in very small quantities. If this method has actually worked, it is because thedelivery was imminent, sexual intercourse or not! "

It's going to hurt me
"No, from the moment the woman is excited and therefore properly lubricated. As in normal times, you have to feel like it and not to force yourself. "

It's going to be worse
"Not necessarily, it's really variable according to the women but also according to the period of the pregnancy. Blossoming in their maternity and under the influence of hormones, some women will discover orgasm during these nine months, while others will put on stand-by their sexuality. "

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