February 28, 2021

5 sensual caresses that they will not forget

The body of a man is an entire universe to discover. Because think again: it's not just the caresses around the penis that make him burn with desire. So, wander your hands on his chest, his head, his back, his buttocks and captivate him forever!

A massage from head to toe
Start by gently massaging the scalp to relax. Then, kiss it voluptuously on the cheeks, in the neck and on its Adam's apple. Then gently nibble the lobe of her ear and whisper words of love.

Then go down gently on his chest. Embrace, scratch, in short have fun. This area is conducive to all games. Besides, why not take the opportunity to pet him with a feather or your hair?

Then, brush the inside of her thighs. Then head to his buttocks, a place that men love! Touch them with your fingers, knead them, massage them ... Practice some caresses anal and finish by taking care of the penis.
There you have all the choices. You can play with or graze it with your hands, your bosom or your hair. Or perform various pressures, slight twists, or caress more or less vigorous. Not to mention the sensual kisses that make men drunk with pleasure.

What are the caresses who do the most effects to a man? Overview.

Massage his back and buttocks
Do you usually massage the shoulders of your man? Touch your entire back. Above all, knead it continuously. A stop of a few minutes and his desire dives immediately. Prolong this moment and sketch suggestive back and forth movements. Then, have your hands a little more wandering and go to his buttocks.


Gently burr the lobe of his ear
The lobe is a highly erogenous zone. Do not hesitate to chew it gently. Then, enjoy a short break to whisper words of love to your man's ear. And if the heart tells you, penetrate your tongue inside the hole.


Hold the brake
If there is a part of the body that men love, it is of course the penis and especially the brake. Play softly with, titillate, lick short, take care of this tiny part of the male anatomy and multiply the pleasure of your darling. Namely: the brake is particularly fragile. Use and abuse delicacy.


Have fun with the testicles
As you ride your darling, tilt back slightly to catch his testicles with one of your hands and play softly with it. The top: press them in the rhythm of penetration.


Nibble the nipples
If among women, bosom are an erogenous zone, it is the same for men. Nibble, lick, twist, pinch her nipples and you will make your darling drunk with pleasure.

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