June 10, 2023

5 tips for a successful hot party

An evening like this, it is preparing, but above all it is announced! To raise the temperature a few degrees each day, distil little by little clues at the turn of a conversation or a text message. Send him a teasing email and share some photos.

Allude to what you are going to eat, what you are going to do. And most importantly, what you expect from this evening. In short, send the message. And one thing is certain: you want more than just dinner.


A day without a hitch
Prepare the evening in every detail. If necessary, write a retro-schedule.
Then, start with the housework. The bathroom and the room must be spotless. Change the sheets, open the windows big ... Your darling must feel good at home to make him want to come back. You show him that you are a perfect hostess.

You planned to cook? Prepare the meal at the beginning of the afternoon. This will also allow you to shop quietly and deal with the unexpected in case of concern. Tip: Also buy something to eat for breakfast.

Then, indulge in a shopping session. Choose a beautiful lingerie set or a pretty nightie. Fall for a body oil or a new perfume. Have fun! This will be felt on your temperament. And Chouchou will be delighted to have a positive woman who takes care of her by her side.

Menu, atmosphere, decor ... Fill up on naughty ideas to spice up your evening.
Create a sexy atmosphere
Who says hot evening, says sexy atmosphere. A few minutes before your arrival man, light scented candles or a few sticks of incense, sift the lights, put some lounge music ... Side color, decline the red to infinity. Invest in carmin candle holders, burgundy curtains or a garnet tablecloth. That should definitely captivate him.
Look after your look
A white panties and socks with holes, it's anti-glamor possible! For the occasion, buy a flashy lipstick, invest in a balcony bra, a pair of pumps to lengthen your legs and a dress that enhances your figure. The idea is not only to seduce Jules, but to put him in your bed, right? So, we put all his assets on his side!
An aphrodisiac menu
For a successful hot night, cook a 100% aphrodisiac meal. Start with a strawberry champagne soup, follow with some oysters, continue with a chicken-vegetable-ginger wok, and finish with a chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream. Neither seen nor known, you propose to your man a light and cuddly menu.
What if you were the meal?
Are you in a teasing mood? In this case, why not be yourself the meal tray? Jules just savor melted chocolate on your breasts. Unless he prefers whipped cream to lick on your thighs. A tip: avoid honey, impossible to remove. And only bet on small quantities. "No thanks, I'm not hungry" is not an option!
Plan some naughty games
After the sensual and sensual meal, plan a game of cuddling and other sensual kisses. Let him choose between "action or truth" or an erotic goose game. Unless he prefers to relax and take a nice warm bath with you.

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