August 15, 2022

5 tips for cooking matcha tea

Surprise your guests
Matcha is a UFO of gastronomy. Its taste is unlike any other and its flashy green color makes it a very original product. To give your guests a real treat, make shortbreads or cookies worthy of Shrek! No need for food coloring. A few teaspoons of powder are enough. For a dessert surprisingly, also make a green tea ice cream or a white chocolate pie ... turf color. Do your guests stay for tea? A hot chocolate with matcha tea and white chocolate is essential!

Delicate creations
To delight the most demanding palates, use tea powder to make macaroons. Or make a flash or 100% matcha nun. Do not hesitate to scramble the tracks by sprinkling a few crushed pistachios on top. It's up to them to guess the scent behind your culinary creation! In search of an idea of recipe chic and unusual? Cook a millefeuille or a Paris-brest matcha tea. Guaranteed effect!

A natural dye
Forget the chemical food coloring and prefer a pinch of matcha tea to color the butter cream of your cupcakes. Certainly, they will be perfumed but what a treat! For a birthday treat, offer a marbled cake or flavor a pancake batter with this special tea. For a lunch with friends, make a panna cotta or a cream dessert at the minty pace. And finish with dark chocolate truffles rolled in matcha powder. The contrast is striking!

Wedding rings in red and white
Matcha goes well with white chocolate and berries. Make a cherry clafoutis or a strawberry charlotte flavored with tea. But the fruit that reveals its aromas is unquestionably raspberry. Incorporate it into financiers, muffins, or even a tiramisu for a green and red result. In addition, know that currants and cranberries are excellent with this fine powder.

Salty flavors
Matcha tea is also cooked in a salty version. Feel free to surprise your guests and bet on originality. Why not make Parmesan and Matcha Tiles or Sesame Shortbreads? As an appetizer, serve a matcha tart with bush and zucchini. Or trust the cooks who have already mixed its flavor with olives or beetroot. And always successfully!

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