June 25, 2022

5 tips for making a perfect icing on a cake or cupcake

Sugar icing
Simple and quick to do, the glaze at sugar color the nuns and pleasantly perfume the cakes, while giving them a crispy little side. To succeed, you need sugar ice cream and lemon juice. Mix, heat, stir, it's ready! It remains only to spread your preparation on the cake of your choice. For a "royal" frosting, add an egg white to the recipe. Then, to you the variants! Pour a splash of orange blossom water, rose, vanilla aroma or coffee. Adults will appreciate the brandy for stronger flavors. Then, you just have to decorate your dessert by depositing candied fruit like the delicious Pithiviers.

Butter icing
Butter glaze gives volume, color and taste to cupcakes. Using a mixer, work the soft butter until you get a foamy cream. Add a lemon juice, sugar ice and a few drops of food coloring. Nothing more subtle indeed than a cupcake surmounted by a violet cream, on which stands a crystallized violet. Then fill a pocket and change the sleeves regularly to vary the patterns.

Fleurette cream, cream cheese or mascarpone?
Lighter than butter, cream, cream cheese and mascarpone can also make tasty icings. Use Philadelphia to perfect a carrot cake. Add some sugar, spices and dye and spread your preparation on the cake. Another solution: mix mascarpone with sugar ice cream. And for the fades of chocolate, melt pistoles with whipping cream for a perfect frosting.

What about the dough?
Also called "fondant", the dough is found in specialized stores or on the Internet. To use, melt in a bain-marie. You can also do it yourself. You will be able to store and reuse it later for other recipes. The popcake pros are using candy melt to glaze their creations with chocolate colored.

Attention to the temperature
If the frosting should always be spread over a cake cold, it must also be at a good temperature. Hot, it flows. Cold, it becomes difficult to spread. And too liquid, it is likely to be absorbed by the cake. Prefer a creamy consistency, which will harden slightly on drying. In addition, for a smooth glaze, dip your spatula in boiling water. You will spread your device more easily. Finally, keep your cake finished at room temperature to ensure optimal and tasty results.

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