October 22, 2021

5 tips for successful breastfeeding

To be well surrounded
You must have heard it during your pregnancy,feeding maternal is the best for your baby. Everyone goes for their little anecdote, but nothing beats the advice and support of your pediatrician or your midwife, they are the ones who will guide you and help you to prepare for this period.

Trust each other
First stone of the building, self-confidence and sound baby is essential to succeed feeding. It is perfectly normal to doubt and be afraid to do bad, so go step by step, do not force yourself, this is the best way to give up after a few days. Courage!

Make the first breastfeed
The first breastfeeding, or breastfeeding welcome, must be given within 4 hours after delivery, to promote the rise of milk and trigger a sucking reflex in your baby. This moment is therefore important to restore the link that unites you to him and allow you to get used to thefeeding.

A good position
For which'feeding a moment as pleasant for you as your baby, the sitting position seems to be ideal. Quietly, hold your child against you, with your nose clear and your mouth against your breast, hold your head firmly ... that's it!

In case of blues or difficulties, do not hesitate to talk about it around you, your doctor but also your entourage. Express your anxieties, your fears, your doubts: the idea, reassure you to live this moment fully!

Breastfeeding Position and Latch (October 2021)