August 15, 2020

5 tips to cultivate your mini vegetable garden

Plant according to your space
Even with a simple balcony, you can cultivate fruits and vegetables. However, some of them sometimes need space to push. This is particularly the case of rhubarb and pumpkins. If you have a mini vegetable garden or a balcony, give up these too bulky plants and prefer those that can grow in individual pots or balcony boxes, such as herbs, strawberries, salads, tomatoes cherries or peppers.

Essential aromatic herbs
Aromatic herbs have a double interest. Not only do they require little land, but they also require almost no maintenance. Not to mention that they pleasantly perfume many dishes. To you chives, lavender and thyme! In summer, mint is particularly popular in Taboul├ęs or Mojitos. However, this plant tends to be invasive. In the fall, it will not hesitate to pull some of it if necessary.

To you cherry tomatoes!
No need to have a green thumb to grow cherry tomatoes. Just take care of them, water them regularly and you're done. The advantage? They lend themselves to many recipes: pies, salads, casseroles ... and are always pleasant as an aperitif. To peck with the fingers in all simplicity or to taste in kebabs alternating tomatoes-cherries and cubes of cheese.

"Space saving" solutions
If you live in an apartment, invest in individual pots to plant your herbs. And arrange them on a ramp attached to the wall of your kitchen. If you are planning some salads or cherry tomatoes, plan for a flower pot. Same for strawberries. And plant the raspberries in planters, then use them as a screen to isolate neighbors. Convenient !

Pay attention to performance
When you buy fruits and vegetablesyou can choose between different varieties. Some grow only once a year while others are harvested several times. Also pay attention to the tastes, more or less pronounced. Moreover, if you have a small space, you do not need to favor varieties with a high yield. Otherwise, you risk being overwhelmed quickly and not knowing what to do with it. Fortunately, you can always freeze your homemade production, invite your friends to taste your dishes or share your fruits and vegetables with your neighbors!

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