March 25, 2023

5 tips to help your child become more independent

1 / Establish a routine
To help him get used to it, offer him small tasks to do on his own in the morning or evening, such as getting dressed or brushing his teeth. Soon he will not want you to help him anymore and will be proud to declare you: I did it alone!

2 / Give him little challenges
You can also entrust your child small achievable responsibilities that will give him the feeling that he can be counted on and develop his self-esteem. Give food to the fish, make his first cake with yoghurt, or store some stuff in his closet: so many small challenges to throw him and he will raise with pleasure.

3 / Trust him
This is the key to empowering your child. Accepting to let him do some things that you would do faster and better is to give him a real place in the balance of the family and not confining it to its role ofchild. You'll see, trusting him, it's your child who will surprise you!

4 / Encourage creativity
Taking risks is sometimes allowing the ideas of your child in clothing, storage or manual work. The most important thing is not to make negative reflections by reminding him that you would have done better: he may become discouraged and not feel up to it.

5 / Accept the imperfection
Last stone of the building, this lesson is not the simplest but the one that will give your child the necessary insurance to "become big". Accepting that he does not do things exactly like you, will finally help you to gain serenity because you will not mind trying to control but to appreciate its progress!

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