November 25, 2020

5 tips to make a delicious British rosbeef

Prepare the meat
In the United Kingdom, roast beef (roast beef) is a culinary institution. To make it like the English, take it a few minutes in the pan to get a nice, appetizing color. Then, place the piece of meat in one dish and brush it with mustard. A tip: be generous, the recipe will only be better. Then, put everything in the oven and cook. While cooking, water regularly meat with its juice to make it even more tasty.

With Yorkshire pudding
Traditionally served on Sundays with the family, the roast beef (roast beef) is accompanied by small vegetables and pudding, a specialty straight from Yorkshire. Yorkshire pudding is made from milk, eggs, flour and oil. Mix the ingredients and bake in muffin cups. To grease them, know that it is customary to use the grease of roast. Otherwise, simply use olive oil or a knob of butter.

What other accompaniment?
To accompany a tasty 100% british rosbeef, you need Yorkshire pudding, but also small vegetables. Carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, celery ... You have all the choices. To make a sensation, do not hesitate to focus on forgotten vegetables. Make a mashed parsnip, saute crosnes ... Or bet on the sweet potato to bring a little originality to your recipe.

The key to success: the sauce
Rosbeef owes its success to the sauce that accompanies it. To make it, deglaze the dish using red wine and add some chopped onions. Otherwise, recover the cooking juices. Add beef broth and Worcestershire sauce, mix and let reduce a few minutes before eating.

Multiple recipes
Like the United States, the United Kingdom is a multicultural country, with many inspirations. British cuisine reflects this melting pot, to the delight of our taste buds. So do not be surprised if some English add chilli or curry to the rosbeef, and dip it with a mint sauce. Enjoy!

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