July 12, 2024

50 years of Barbie dolls

The Barbie doll will blow 50 candles on March 9th. It was therefore necessary to plan for celebrating these 50 years of life with flying colors. For this, Editions Assouline have released a collector's book retracing the life of this doll a little fetishized brand Mattel. The Barbie doll existed from 1959 and sold more than a billion copies. Through the 128 pages of this book boxet, you will be able to discover the evolution of the doll in 69 photos. The pretty doll thus takes life, retracing in passing the times by which it passed.
And if the doll has undergone changes of look, it has also experienced technical innovations, as for the articulation of his arms and hands. His face has also changed, finding traits more in line with his changing clientele. The last change made on the doll dates from 2001. Its new designers have decided to widen the hips, shrink his chest and relax his belly button and his size.
Over the years, some Barbie models have been very successful. The 1992 model, the Barbie Ultra Hair with hair reaching her feet was a real success. It is nearly 10 million girls who rushed on this model. And the success of Barbie does not go away. In France, the doll is still popular and sold in 2007 to 2.9 million copies.
Barbie remains one of the toys favorite little girls. Generation after generation, she plays with, nibbles, tramps, cuts her hair, deforms her arms and legs ... In short, the pleasure of Barbie! Still, this blonde doll is still a subject of contention in the feminist associations that Barbie continues to convey an image of a woman object and perfect, which does not always correspond to the image of the woman that we want to convey to our own girls.
Barbie, a toy full of nostalgia, which continues to support the childhood of little girls in France and the world, but must continue to evolve with the times.
Ultimate Box Barbie Collection,
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