October 5, 2022

6 good reasons to fall in love

Several times you have repeated it. Your unconscious could only print the message: this time we will not take you back! And for good reason, when your passion with Cheri gave way to a new life where chocolate and handkerchiefs became your best friends, like Alfred de Musset, you understood "we do not joke with love". And yet, recently, an apparent madness is taking over your brain again. Everything suggests that it's gone for a ride and it worries you. Do not panic ! There are many good reasons to fall in love. Interview with Lucy Vincent, Doctor in Neuroscience, CNRS researcher and author of How do you become in love ? edited by Odile Jacob.

1 / falling in love makes optimistic
Love is in itself, in a way, an optimistic state because it is a biological contract of agreement with another person for a major objective to be achieved in common: reproduction. The failure of the contract is not conceivable because it was built by thousands of years of evolution to ensure survival, and as the central part of the contract is an essential attachment, one is necessarily sure of the relevance and the strength of the bond that has been created. We love each other without a doubt and nothing in the mechanisms involved in the brain allows us to predict the eventual extinction of our strong feelings.

2 / When we fall in love, we lack appetite and we can even lose weight
The pleasure is provoked in the brain by the release of endorphins. When we eat we cause their release but when we are with his partner too. As far as pleasure is concerned, we are therefore constantly satisfied when we are with our partner and we are in love. The desire to eat does not obey the usual rules.

3 / Falling in love makes us move mountains

In the amorous state, one is doped by the release of dopamine which is the neurotransmitter which serves among others to motivation. Everything becomes possible, we want to act and we have the impression of being able to overcome all the difficulties. In biological terms, the state of love precedes reproduction so nature has provided us with the behavioral stimulus to put everything in place to ensure the survival of the child.

4 / Falling in love makes us more kind and generous
Oxytocin is liberated in large quantities in the brains of lovers. This neurotransmitter plays a role in the attachment between two sexual partners but also in social relations in general. Many experiments have been conducted to show that intra-nasal flushes of oxytocin (to get them into the brain) make subjects more generous, more tolerant and less aggressive.

5 / Sexuality makes us live longer
All the confounding factors that can affect longevity, such as sport and intellectual activity, food quality, medical monitoring and, of course, genetic assets, must be taken into account. Several studies nevertheless highlight a role for sexuality in longevity. This seems logical considering that sexual practice causes hormones to be released that are involved in the maintenance and growth of the body, such as steroid hormones and growth hormone.

6 / Falling in love makes us more human
Falling in love brings out the qualities we value in the human being such as generosity and tolerance. We feel capable of everything when we are in love, we have energy to spare, we undertake new tasks, we go more towards others. We are so good that we think we can run the 100 meters in 10 seconds.


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