May 30, 2020

6 gourmet ideas for cooking sundried tomatoes

The mixed salad: with the arrival of good weather, the desire for a large salad is growing. To give a touch of originality to our salad, do not hesitate to add some pieces of tomatoes dried. They are generally very strong in taste.
The salty cake with olives and tomatoes dried: to give another dimension our traditional recipe of olive cake, we can add to our preparation of tomatoes dried cut into very small pieces before baking.
The skewers of vegetables : to accompany our grills in future barbecues, we think to accompany them with kebabs vegetables. To give an exotic touch to our barbecues, it is possible for example to compose skewers based on tomatoes dried, mozzarella, cucumber and peppers. The ideas are multiplied to infinity and the tomatoes Dried will be tasty on our small skewers.
Tiramisu tomatoes Dried and parmesan: here is a recipe original to serve in Entrance to impress our guests. This dish consists of bread rubbed with garlic, tomatoes dried mixed with tomatoes fresh (seasoned with balsamic vinegar), as well as mascarpone seasoned with parmesan cheese (the mascarpone-based preparation with whites in snow is aired). Finally, we layer the layers of its various ingredients in verrines.
The toasts of the sun: just superimpose very warm food on a wide slice of bread. These sun toasts make up an excellent Entrance. We can for example put on our toast a layer of eggplant caviar, one or two tomatoes Dried, a piece of parmesan and a basil leaf before baking for a few minutes. These toasts can be served with a small salad of arugula.
The zucchini quiche, salmon and tomatoes Dried: the mixture zucchini, salmon and tomatoes is very greedy. To make our quiche more atypical, we can replace tomatoes fresh by tomatoes dried.

How Sun Dried Tomatoes are Made (May 2020)