April 17, 2024

6 gourmet tips for a delicious tiramisu

Color your dessert !
A Tiramisuit's always coffee color. Change your habits and make a dessert 100% girly! Forget the boudoirs and the espresso and replace them with pink Reims biscuits dipped in a red fruit coulis or a fresh raspberry compote. And instead of sprinkling your dessert chocolate, choose crushed pralines. For more originality, let yourself be tempted by the subtlety and color of matcha tea. Fragrance green tea mascarpone and grated some white chocolate on your dessert just before serving it.

Spray your taste buds!
Travel the palate of your guests by cooking a Tiramisu with pineapple and coconut milk. To perfect the recipe, pour a stroke of rum. Think also about exotic fruits like lychee, mango or even pomegranate. If you like the North, opt for the speculos and add some brown cream for a successful alliance. And for chocolate fans, head for Africa or Central America for a Tiramisu three chocolates.

Personalize your creations
Who says Tiramisu, think inevitably mascarpone. Vary the pleasures and add soymilk or almond milk in your preparation. Swap the mascarpone for ricotta. You do not have Italian cheese on hand? Use cottage cheese, yoghurt or Swiss puffs. Similarly, give up boudoirs, already seen and reviewed. And opt for gingerbread, Provence shuttles, crunchy or simply cat languages. Think also shortbread and other Breton pucks. And for a dessert more chic, prefer macaroons.

... and perfume it all
Rum, whiskey, kirsch, baileys, marsala, soho ... Pour some liqueur on your biscuits or in your mascarpone dish. For a dessert without alcohol, use orange juice or a squeezed lime to bring some acidity. Think of syrups like elderflower or figs. To delight children, run a dab of cotton candy syrup in your dessert. And for adults, perfume everything with orange blossom or rose water. This one will be delicious in a Tiramisu with lychees. Finally, do not forget the spices such as ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and Tonka bean to perfect your recipe

Add fruits
The fruits bring a little lightness, always sought at the end of a meal. Bow for fishing, nectarines. Choose litchis with a sweet but refreshing taste. Also bet on citrus fruit such as grapefruit, blood orange or kaffir lime. To use in addition to another fruit, such as raspberries. Incorporate some mint leaves to give some relief to your recipe. As for basil, it will brighten your dessert Strawberry. However, watch out for alliances. Coffee is not suitable for all fruits. For the apple, forget it and pour salted butter caramel over your biscuits.

Give character to your recipe
Surprise your guests by offering them a Tiramisu ice cream ! Make your dessert as usual and put it in the freezer for at least 4 hours. Add the chocolate powder at the last minute. Similarly, have you ever done a Tiramisu salty? Serve it as a starter, accompanied by a mesclun salad. For example, make a Tiramisu with candied peppers and Serrano ham, or tomato-parmesan and Espelette pepper. What to wake up your taste buds!

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