July 10, 2020

6 ideas about fruits and vegetables

Spinach is the vegetable that contains the most iron
FALSE. Lentils bring in a lot more iron than spinach.

Steaming fruits and vegetables is ideal for preserving nutrients
TRUE. Steaming fruits and vegetables helps limit the loss of minerals and vitamins because they are not in direct contact with water. Steam also helps preserve the aromas of fruits and vegetables.

Oranges are the fruits that contain the most vitamin C
FALSE. Kiwi is much richer in vitamin C than orange.

Frozen vegetables contain fewer vitamins than fresh vegetables
FALSE. The vegetables frozen foods have exactly the same qualities as vegetables fresh. It all depends, in fact, on the quality of the vegetables which have been frozen. If the vegetables were fresh before being frozen, they will be just as fresh when you thaw them!

Eating carrots gives good looks
FALSE. Beta-carotene, contained by carrots, is an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals emitted by uv rays, which prevents premature aging of the skin. On the other hand, no study proves that beta-carotene enhances the complexion. We only know that at high dose beta-carotene can color the skin in orange ...

Canned foods contain dyes and preservatives
FALSE. Contrary to popular belief, canned fruits and vegetables do not contain dyes or preservatives. The only added elements are water, salt and possibly sugar. No need to rinse your fruits and vegetables canned, before consuming!