August 15, 2022

6 mistakes to avoid on fruits and vegetables

1) Buy too large quantities
As they degrade as soon as they are picked, it is best to buy small amounts of fruits and vegetables at a time.

2) Only want fresh fruits and vegetables
While it is true that fruits fresh or vegetables just out of the ground are excellent for health, since they retain all the nutrients and vitamins, it would be a shame to abandon the frozen which are often very well protected and keep the same properties. Moreover, buying a fresh fruit at the supermarket may be worse than a frozen food that has been preserved throughout the cold chain:

3) Forgetting to wash them
All fruits and vegetables should be washed, to remove soil, bacteria and pesticides. Even organic products!

4) Do not keep them in the right place
The vegetables and condiments keep in a cool, dry place in the dark, while others fruits and vegetables will go to the freezer. The exception comes from some fruits like apples, tomatoes, avocados, etc. who can mature quietly at room temperature!

5) Too peel their skin
Be careful, you risk losing the vitamins contained in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Buy organic products to avoid peeling.

6) Cut fruits and vegetables in advance
Exposing vitamins to the open air makes them disappear quickly ... so avoid cutting too long your fruits in advance and also pay attention to cooking vegetables. Heat, like air, alters many nutrients.

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