October 1, 2020

6 simple ideas for cooking sardines

On bread, simply
here is a recipe simple and ultra-fast: butter a piece of bread and drop a piece of sardine above. It's ready ! Serve these as an aperitif or as an appetizer, accompanied by a mesclun salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Taste them cold or spend a few minutes in the oven. For more elaborate sandwiches, spread on the butter a little tomato-basil sauce before putting your sardines

Tasty rillettes
Another idea of recipe : make rillettes. To do this, crumble the fish taking care to remove the central rind, and mix with fresh cheese and lemon juice. When the result is homogeneous, it remains only to spread your preparation on toasts or a nice slice of bread. Then, to you the variants! Add shallots, butter, mustard, but also aromatic herbs such as parsley or chives, or Espelette pepper to enhance your taste. recipe

Small slippers
To make fish eat for the whole family, make small slippers, like that with apples. Use a roll of flaky or broken dough and garnish with a mixture of sardines, tomatoes, onion, olives and cheese. No time to cook ? So slip inside sardines and fresh cheese, sprinkle with lemon juice and close. It only remains to bake for a few minutes in the oven and enjoy. And for a crispier result, replace the puff pastry with pastry sheets.

Cake or clafoutis?
Replace the traditional olives and bacon, and stir in some sardines crumbled to make a tasty cake. Cut it into small cubes to facilitate the tasting or offer it in slice for a simple and friendly entry. If not, why not make a fishloaf? Unless you prefer a terrine. Or, make a clafoutis to sardines and grated cheese. Simple and delicious!

And in a pie?
You have a broken dough, sardines and tomato sauce? Make a delicious salty pie. Then add black olives, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella ... Depending on what you have left in your fridge and cupboards. Slip into the oven and treat your family!

Spaghetti party
You only have a few minutes to eat at noon? Cook pasta. Meanwhile, make a sauce made from fresh tomatoes or concentrate, feta and sardines crumbled. Mix and coat your tagliatelle with this preparation. For more flavors, do not hesitate to use a box of sardines with Espelette pepper and a few drops of Tabasco. Simple, no?

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