December 1, 2021

6 tips for organizing a great birthday party

An invitation in good and due form
Any self-respecting birthday is announced by a nice invitation card. With your child, take the time to list the comrades he would like to invite. Then, go to a stationery to choose the color of the box and a nice pen. Back home, help him write the missive. Do not forget to include the place, the date, the time and your telephone number. And drag a detailed plan for parents before closing the envelope.

Some precautions are necessary
A few days before the snack, give a little phone call to the mothers. On the one hand to make sure of the presence of their toddler. On the other hand to know if any of them does not suffer from lactose intolerance, an allergy to gluten or soya. Indeed, with the increase of food allergies, it is better to be sure that there will be no problem with the cake

Decoration place
On D-Day, inflate several balloons. Hang several on your portal to help parents to find your home, and others inside for a festive decoration. Also think of paper garlands, pointed hats and other party favors. The children will be delighted to play with. Finally, do not forget to have the little guests sign on a birthday card. It will surely please your toddler.

What animations?
It is best to hold a birthday snack in May or June due to sunny weather and mild weather. If you have a garden, put everyone outside with a balloon! Make a list of games: ball-prisoner, tomato, bomb, football, etc. No balloon? Have them play smugglers. Ideal to let off steam. It is raining ? Plan social games, mimes, disguises. Also think about the small tray, the drawings, the salt dough, etc. And if you feel the soul of an artist, make up the children !

Did you say "taste"?
More the children are older, you have more time to make a cake complicated. Besides, do not hesitate to make a train or a cartoon character to surprise toddlers. Otherwise, rely on simplicity as a roll with jam or Nutella, which is still effective with children. You do not have time to cook? Buy a cake all ready as a pound and add a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce. Finally, if you run out of ideas, read our article to prepare a great birthday cake.

Thank parents and children
To be a perfect host, your child must thank his friends and their parents after the party. To please everyone, consider taking some photos and sending them to adults. They will be delighted, especially if you have opted for a special birthday disguise or a makeup workshop. As for your toddler, he will be happy to have a mother who thinks of everything and everyone!

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