August 14, 2022

6 tips to avoid cabbage odors

Direction the bakery!
Take a look in your kitchen: you still have bread? If not, go to the bakery and buy a baguette. Then, put a good piece in a casserole before cooking your cabbage. The smell will then be a bad memory. Good to know: a crust of stale bread is just as good. Dip a cork
If you do not have bread on hand, and the bakery is closed, find a cork and immerse it in the cooking water. A tip, do not forget to pick it up at the end. At the risk of mixing it if you make soup.

Bet on baking
Sodium bicarbonate removes the smell of cabbage and also to keep the color of the vegetable. To conserve the flashy green of the Romanesco and say goodbye to the foul smells, pour one to two teaspoons of baking soda into the cooking water.

The other use of laurel
The bay leaf is used in the preparation of garnished bouquets. We know less, but it also helps to remove the unpleasant odors. No need to uproot a shrub, only one to two leaves are enough. Put them in the water while your cauliflower is cooking.

Hide this casserole!
Soak a white vinegar wipe and place it on the lid of your pan at the beginning of cooking. The smell of Brussels sprouts will not bother you anymore.

Sugar, milk, vinegar and company
To hunt bad odors, every cook has his thing. Add one or two pieces of sugar to the cooking water. Pour a glass of milk or a little apple cider vinegar. Or incorporate a whole lemon, cut into slices or juice. The cabbages will not be able to crack anymore!

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