October 21, 2020

6 tips to be good in your head during pregnancy

Pamper yourself
Even if you have never been addicted to the spa or the kind of rappliquer beautician / hairdresser at the slightest hair / hair crooked, allow yourself time to pamper yourself by someone. Your image and your self-esteem will be better and that can only do you good. Warning: if you want to get a massage, always specify that you are pregnant.

Listen to yourself
If you feel tired or overwhelmed, whether at work or at home, stop everything, or at least slow down if you can not do otherwise. At home, ask your spouse, family or friends for help with shopping and housework. At work, try as much as you can to delegate your usual responsibilities, prioritize and organize yourself so that you do not feel overwhelmed and stressed. Never do more than you can handle.

Both to relax the body tension and to relax your mind, it is essential to sleep well and give you several breaks and / or naps during the day. In the office, give yourself a breathing and stretching break every hour if necessary. Take advantage of this privileged time to take the time and give yourself moments when you do NOTHING.

During the pregnancyThere are many concerns. So regularly practice an activity that gives you pleasure and relaxes you as knitting, yoga or scrapbooking. Do not neglect the virtues of a hot bath (not boiling!) Foaming and fragrant on weekends!

Move on
Except with medical contraindications, it is not because you are pregnant that you can not spend anymore. It is therefore important that you continue to oxygenate your body and mind, not only to maintain a good physical condition for the delivery but also to access the well-known serenity of the athlete and facilitate your fall asleep.

Express yourself
Talk about your fears and anxieties so that you do not get overwhelmed by your emotions. Communicate with the future dad, ask your gynecologist or midwife for advice on how to dramatize and relativize, and if necessary, turn to a specialized psy consultation of your motherhood.

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