June 23, 2024

6 tips to create a play corner in the garden for your children

The portico: a safe bet
Childdid you love to swing? Give one to your toddlers ... but not just any. The vendors now offer wooden "gantry" or "play stations" equipped with a rope with knots, a ladder, a climbing wall, a face-to-face, A nacelle ... In short, much more than a simple swing. Some even have a toboggan! Other models, more expensive, also have damping slabs but especially a small tower on which depends a slide and under which hides a cabin ... The dream for all children !

Maisonette or hut?
Toddlers love to hide and invent the lives of knights, pirates, and so on. For that, they need a cabin, like a mark of brigands. If you have a few square meters, install a wooden or plastic cottage, or a teepee. If in summer, the children will play willingly in winter, you can use it to store balloons and other outdoor games. Your finances are a little tight right now? If you do not have a cabin, toddlers will build one by themselves! For this, plan boxes, sheets, less heavy than wooden boards. Then, let them do it. And if you do not have a tree in your garden, Never mind. They will use the bushes!

Beware of fake friends
You thought buying a sandbox for your toddler? Mistrust ... If at first glance, this seems like a great idea, you could quickly be disappointed a few weeks later. Indeed, cats love to do their needs. So opt for a model equipped with a tarpaulin or buy one to close the outside of the tank when the children do not play anymore. This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises. Beware of pools, even the small ones. The drownings are quickly arrived. And a few inches of water are enough to cause accidents. Your vigilance must be total.

Trampoline and other games
The children love the trampoline! For parents, it is the assurance of a good night's sleep. To limit sores and other accidents, choose a wide model and equipped with a protective net on the sides. Admittedly, it costs a little more but security is priceless. Also remember to delineate a field for budding Zidane. And for older kids, set up a net to play tennis, volleyball or badminton. Finally, the ping-pong table will please teens ... And will also appeal to adults. It's your turn !

A rest area
Always plan a shady spot for afternoon tea or rest. Install a table of garden under a tree or invest in an arbor. Then, have some comfortable cushions and plan a reading session for the little ones. They will be able to take a nap. Adults will appreciate this space to monitor children, then later, to have a drink.

Check the hardware security
Whatever the layout of your play area, check carefully the safety of the equipment purchased. Make sure the standards are all well respected. And do not let your children unattended. Be vigilant and keep the medicine kit close to you. Small sores have indeed arrived quickly. Finally, if you opt for a swimming pool, do not forget the mandatory barriers and call on another mum if you are responsible for many toddlers. The children will have fun like crazy, and safely!

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