January 24, 2021

6 tips to overcome the baby blues

Do not stay alone
After their deliverymany active women lose their bearings. They find themselves alone with their little end, and thus change their status becoming housewives. No more lunch with colleagues or exciting conversations about politics. Between you and baby, the discussions revolve around "babeuh", "aaaahhh" and "baaaa". To avoid depression, renew a social bond. Leave your home, call your friends and express how you feel. Have a coffee with your best friend, find a former colleague to have an adult conversation and share your feelings of loneliness and discomfort. It's always better by chatting, what's more, in front of a good piece of cake, a steaming tea or a cocktail on a terrace of coffee.

Take care of yourself
Pregnancy and thedelivery are moments that mark both emotionally and physically. Your body still blows and it will take several weeks to find your wasp waist. Let nature do its work, and during this time, take care of yourself. Opt for a bubble bath while your man takes care of baby, go to the hairdresser's to then have beautiful pictures for announcements, have a massage or give yourself a makeup session or a facial. Buy pretty clothes to your size while waiting to go back into your wardrobe. Go to the movies, give yourself a good book, in short, enjoy yourself.

Ask for help
Baby cries all the time and you feel like you're not managing. Worse, to be a bad mother. Motherhood is being learned little by little. It is normal to feel a bit lost in the beginning. To avoid cracking, ask your mother for advice, call your friends who are also super moms, in order to be supported. Rest assured, you are perfectly normal. And all the mothers come here. It just takes time to understand baby, its character as well as its small evils.

Baby sleep? So you too! Forget the chores and rest. Thedelivery is a trying time and you need to recover to be in top form. Enjoy your child's naps to sleep as much as needed. If necessary, drop it at your sister's or nanny's home and take (finally) time to relax and blow. Besides, why not go on a family thalassotherapy and postnatal cure? So you can enjoy your man, your child, while relaxing and pampering you. The top!

If your household is not done today or if baby stayed all day in the same outfit, is it so important? You are not wonderwoman, you will do better tomorrow. Again, let go of the ballast. If housework obsesses you, ask for help from a family worker or housekeeper. Rest assured, you will soon find your cruising pace with your newborn baby.

Be supported by your man
When you were pregnant, your man was caring for you, and now it's over. Explain that you still need him during this difficult time. He must congratulate you, encourage you and show you that you still like him so much. Ask him to pamper you: massages, small attentions, compliments ... Plan some outings in love. And do not hesitate to escape the space of one night in a bed and breakfast full of charm or in a luxurious hotel. With all this, you will quickly find the smile and your joy of living.

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