April 20, 2024

6 ways to use lemon in the kitchen

Jam ? No, lemon curd!
For a breakfast that changes the ordinary, make lemon curd. This is a sour cream that is used to spread his crackers, instead of jam. For an English breakfast, make scones and spread lemon curd on it.

A cold entrance!
For a truly original starter, prepare a lemon-thyme or lemon-basil sorbet. Then, serve a quenelle to garnish with a salad, smoked salmon or cake. lemon confit, ham and olives. Guaranteed effect!

Cook oriental
The lemon is particularly used in oriental cooking. Make your taste buds travel by making chicken samosas lemon fresh and coriander. Continue with a chicken tajine lemon confit, or a tajine of veal, honey and lemon confit. And to make the whole family eat vegetables, add some zucchini or carrots.

Enjoy the fish differently
The lemon green lends itself perfectly to the game of marinades and perfumes pleasantly Pisces and crustaceans. Let yourself be tempted by a recipe in foil to preserve all the flavors. For a family recipe, cook tagliatelle and serve with salmon and a sauce. lemon. Do you still have some preparation? Use it to coat a fillet of cod.

Perfume your desserts
The lemon the simplest cakes such as yoghurt, madeleines, muffins or financiers. Just add a little juice in the dough and voila! Another example: make a fondant or a cake, incorporate the juice and zest, and make a topping at lemon on top. For a dessert more aerial, bet on a foam. Or let yourself be tempted by a gourmet cheesecake at lemon. Ideal for a successful tea-time!

Refresh yourself
To accompany these cakes, prepare a lemon hot with a good tablespoon of honey. Or use this citrus to quench your thirst. Make a lemonade for children or serve a limoncello for adults. Do you prefer ice cream? Submit a granite or a lemon frosted for the little ones, and a cup colonel for over 18 years.

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