July 3, 2020

7 habits to adopt to have beautiful hair

Stay zen
Stop stressing for nothing and try to relativize. It's good for morale and for your hair ! Many studies have shown that anxiety causes falls from hair, develop the hair whites and tarnishes them. If you want to have beautiful hair, get rid of stress: try essential oils, get into yoga or meditation ... In summary, find a way to become Zen again.


Rinse your hair with cold water


Use cold water for your last rinse water. The cuticles will be tightened, the hair fiber sheathed and your hair will gain shine at the time of drying. You can add a little hair vinegar (Vinegar of brilliance, Fioravanti-René Furterer) or a lemon juice in this last rinsing water to bring them even more brilliance.


Have your hair cut regularly
Make it a habit to go to the hairdresser every two months to cut your damaged spikes and forks. Your hair will grow better and you will gain in capillary mass.

Massage your scalp
Two to three times a week, massage your scalp to boost blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. For more efficiency, you can use bulbs that will densify your hair.
-Kerastase Densific-Hair densifier treatment. Box of 10 bulbs to 6ml: 50?Apply 1 vial daily for 3 months, morning or evening, on dry or wet scalp. Fast drying.


Protect your hair from external aggressions
At the pool, coat your hair a protective product to prevent the chlorine from drying out. In the sun, remember to put a hat to prevent your hair dehydrate.

Eat what is good for your hair.
Focus on foods that contain essential nutrients for your hair. Eggs, offal and dried fruits are rich in B8 vitamins fortifying them.


Avoid the heat
Your hair "Cook" if you dry them at high power. This can have catastrophic effects on your hair fiber and cause significant breakage of your hair... Adjust your hair dryer to the minimum power to avoid damaging them. Wait, if possible, that your hair have already dried naturally so that they are less stressed.

7 Daily Habits That Will Make You Look and Feel Better | ALEX COSTA (July 2020)