July 12, 2024

7 tips for using vanilla in the kitchen

Choose the pod
The vanilla is commercially available in the form of powder, sugar, aroma or liquid extract. But the best way to cook is to use her pod. Let it infuse whole. Or cut it lengthwise, scratch the inside to collect the grains and incorporate them into your preparations.

What texture for what use?
If the sugar vanilla is ideal for flavoring cakes and jams, the powder, devoid of sugar, is more suitable for dishes salty. Also distinguish the synthetic aroma, more natural liquid extract. The first, with a very pronounced taste, is especially suitable for pancakes. While the second delicately aromatises creams desserts. As for the pod, it is suitable for all savory and sweet recipes. It is chosen fleshy, fragrant, smooth and shiny. And keep in its fresh sachet.

A successful tea-time
The vanilla pervades all desserts of its subtle and captivating taste. For a four-hour break with friends, make shortbread cookies, madeleines, cupcakes or cream puffs. Pair them with custards or pastry creams, also cooked with vanilla. And of course serve a tea at the vanilla

Shellfish and crustaceans ...
This island spice delicately perfumes fish and seafood. Be enchanted by the taste of a monkfish at the vanilla or a salmon tartare. Or cook scallops with a foam of vanilla...  

Detonating wedding rings
The pod is also suitable for meats such as chicken or duck. For an unusual recipe, offer duck breasts and accompany them with a haunting sauce. Moreover, the spice gives a little pep to dishes such as mashed potatoes or veal blanquette. Take the opportunity to surprise your guests!

Desserts for young and old
Cream of eggs, flan, rice pudding, marble cake ... Take a leap into the past by concocting these desserts childhood. And for toddlers today, make ice cream at the vanilla for successful milkshakes! And to put everyone in agreement, nothing like a succulent hot chocolate at the vanilla.

Applesauce, poached pear, strawberry pie: the vanilla enhances all fruit preparations. Feel free to slip a clove into your mousses, jams and other fruit coulis. It will reveal all its aromas and will make travel your taste buds. Immediate boarding !

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