December 10, 2023

7 tips to make the perfect brunch!

The essential products
A perfect brunch is a meal where nothing is missing. Make sure you have several juices fruits : one with orange, another with grapefruit, one with strawberries. Offer your loved ones different kinds of tea: Darjeeling, Earl Gray, jasmine tea, black tea with orange or green tea with peach ... All the occasions are good to be a perfect hostess. Make sure of the quality of your coffee, which you must have in quantity! Vary breads, pastries and other jams. Finally, do you also have something to delight the little ones? Start by concocting a good hot chocolate.

And the salty?
Bruncher is also lunch. Make toasts at Salmon smoked, scrambled or boiled eggs with mouillettes. White ham, Serrano, mortadella, coppa, Grisons meat ... The delicatessen is also indispensable. Also serve salad to bring some freshness and lightness to your meal. Prepare rocket with fresh goat cheese and walnuts, or mesclun with cherry tomatoes, corn, cucumber and radish. Think also about cheese lovers, and compose them a beautiful tray.

Sweet sweets
Make salivate the taste buds of your guests! Prepare sweet cakes, muffins and cupcakes. And to accompany them, plan a custard or applesauce. Offer French toast with caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Also tip for a cheesecake, a raspberry pie or a chocolate mellow. Do not forget pancakes or pancakes. To be served with maple syrup!

Spray your guests!
What if you offered a Nordic brunch? Serve lump eggs on slices of black bread or bagels. As a drink, think of lingonberry juice or an herbal infusion. Submit also blinis to Salmon smoked and why not a recipe based on herring? If you opt for the UK, think of scones or porridge. And if you prefer the United States: cupcakes, carrot cake, smoothies and pecan pie are needed!

An exotic brunch!
Embark for the South! For starters, serve a non-alcoholic cocktail: a Virgin colada, made with orange juice, pineapple and coconut milk. Prepare a salad of fruits exotic to accompany cakes and other toasts. Prepare a guacamole and a salad red tomatoes. Otherwise, a tasty pineapple curry will do the trick.

Do not forget the decor
Whatever the mood chosen, the decoration should not be forgotten. Play a change of scenery if you opt for exotic brunch with beach towels, flip-flops ... For a more traditional brunch, set up a nice table with a nice tablecloth. Forget the cutlery and plastic plates. Sure, it's handy, but when it comes to cutting cold meat, the fork breaks for sure. So prefer solid metal cutlery, or wood for a country and ecological version.

One or more tables?
If you have a large table, drop everything on it. In this case, be sure to observe a certain logic: we start with the pastries on the left, then we serve the sausages, the eggs, the salad, cheese, desserts and the basket of fruits to the right. Otherwise, prepare your savory and sweet buffets in different corners of your living room. And plan places to settle down, sit down, chat. Also remember to refuel regularly your buffet. Finally, make sure you have hot and cold drinks, and fruits at will. With all these little touches, for sure, your brunch will be more than perfect!

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