May 29, 2023

7 tips to overcome stress

To get the year off to a good start, get an emergency "The Ephemeris to be a little less stressed every day" to Hugo Image Editions. January 14: hypnosis by oneself; February 28: learn to breathe through your stomach; June 2: analyze your dreams or December 13: the posture of the four elephants. You'll find 365 postures, drills and infallible tricks to stop living at 100 per hour and miss the point! 10.50?

But if first anxieties there is, try the Serenin from Form'Vital. Ideal in times of stress, in case of worry or agitation, difficulty of attention to work or digestive disorders of nervous origin, this food supplement will help you find calm and relaxation. 60 capsules. 19.90?

To avoid the "Burnout", curl up in the GMP Verti. The new technology of this Passive Metabolic Gym features Tourmaline, a semiprecious stone, which has the ability to re-emit 32 times more infrared-long energy than its previous version. Tourmaline also emits negative ions that target inflammation and tension. The action of the machine reproduces a wavelength of 4 to 14 micrometers which penetrates deep into the body thanks to the stone. The energy absorbed circulates in the body, activates the sebaceous glands and boosts the metabolism. Result: the body releases water and burns calories. Here you are, after 35 minutes of GMP, relieved of 800 calories and all your worries. 25?

Based on Rhodiola Rosea, Good Bye Stress Carrara Laboratory is an innovative food supplement that contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system to channel stress, better manage and without feeling tired. 1 to 3 capsules a day for breakfast and lunch for 15 days. 17.85?

For a light winter, Aqua Yoga will take you on the paths of meditation. This new discipline proposed by the Ken Club invites you to relax in the water, to better resurface! It will make you let go with two movements: the ripple and the spiral. And once toned, relieved of tension, eyes closed, let yourself be guided by the coach. Aqua Yoga is replaced by Watsu (Shiatsu in Water), a form of relaxation for a renewal of energy to the extreme ... Ken Club, 100 avenue President Kennedy, 75016, Paris.

Exercise your magnetism with Magnetic Jewelry from the Hearts of Energetix Wellness line. With neodymium magnets, these jewels, once in contact with the skin, act on the blood circulation and release endorphins for a welfare sustainable. Heart rhinestone and brass earrings. 33?

Finally, know that emerald, used in lithotherapy, is related to the light of the heart, the immune system and balance. It has a regenerating power that makes it one of the best healing stones. Take the stone as often as needed or place it in your bed. Let it soak in a large container of water for a few hours after each use. The stone 18?

7 Simple Tips To Reduce Your STRESS Right Now (May 2023)