June 25, 2022

7 tips to succeed the most super birthday cakes

Use original molds
Even when you start cooking, you can make beautiful birthday cakes. How? With the help of unusual molds. To surprise your son who swears by the knights, make a chocolate cake and pour your preparation into a mold in the shape of a castle! Your son loves trains? It's good, there are also molds with the locomotive and the different cars.

Decoration: an art
What makes a cake Extraordinary birthday is the decoration. With dough sugar, make small characters. Use food coloring to surprise children. How to make Smurfs if you do not have a blue color? For little girls, pour a few drops of red dye into your device to get a pink result. Decorate the cake with colored balls, stars, but also think about writing or drawing on them. So, if your son is a fan of Spiderman, draw a white spider web on a chocolate fondant. And do not forget candles with colorful flames. Essential !

ScrapCooking® paper
Every year, you decorate the cake using multicolored beads? Score the spirits using ScrapCooking® paper. Apply the patterned paper to the oven plate. Pour your sponge cake, cook and unmold. Your cake rolled will have pretty designs. What to make a sensation with teenagers but also adults!

Help, I want it quick, well done!
You ran all week and did not have time to cook. Take a look in your closets. You surely have different cakes that you usually book for tea. You came across rectangular cookies? Make a train. Cover them with any spread to make them more greedy and connect the wagons with a toothpick.

How to make fictional characters?
Cartoons are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. To make these heroes who populate the imagination of toddlers, nothing complicated. Start from a simple base: a sponge cake or a chocolate cake. Cut your cake and sketch a shape by superimposing several layers of biscuit. Cover with icing, spread or dough sugar, before decorating. Again, play your imagination.

Favor banana slices to make the tires of a car. Use food coloring on a dough sugar to get a Barbapapa character, Shrek or a football field. Finally, be aware that on the Internet, it is easy to print a photo on a unleavened sugar. It will only be left at the last moment on the cake. 

A piece of candy
There are commercially available creations based on candy : bouquet of flowers, piece climb ... Get inspired and go to a hobby store to choose a polystyrene support. At home, cover it with aluminum foil and plant here and there skewers of candy. For a more dramatic effect, arm yourself with patience. Stitch each candy with a toothpick. And cover the entire surface of the object. For more adults, think of adding some macaroons, more refined.

Cakes made from confectionery
The candy serve of course to decorate a cake birthday. But we can also use them to do it. Melt Tagada strawberries or Carambar to make an aerated foam. Spread it on a sponge cake, add some candy for the decoration and the trick is played. A tip: give up the Dragibus, which turns brown when it melts. And focus on your child's favorite confectioneries for the most super birthday cake.

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