October 27, 2021

8 essential kitchen utensils for pastry

1) The balance
No more "ladle" measures! In pastryeverything is played to the nearest gram. Choose a very precise digital scale.

2) A cooking thermometer
The degrees of cooking of sugar are such that it is necessary to bring a thermometer. It exists at all prices and different types (probe, rod ...) but ensure that it holds up to 200 ° C.

3) A piping bag
... and his sleeves, so! Ideal for decorating cream puffs or for molding cakes, the pastry bag is available in disposable (batch) or durable, but more expensive.

4) A lot of spatulas
Prefer silicone spatulas and buy a lot of different sizes. Fall for a maryse, this flexible spatula rubber!

5) Good quality pans
For your creams, toffees and bain-marie preparations, good double wall pans are needed. An investment that is not necessarily heavy but that allows you to work well!

6) Mussels
For your cakes, cakes, chocolates and sweets, buy various forms of molds, silicone for example: your creativity will know no limits!

7) A pastry robot
A robot will allow you to replace several utensils at once: you can knead, whip, mix, mount your eggs in snow and emulsify without using many objects.

8) Brushes
Brushes to pastries allow you to easily brush your preparations. Choose from different sizes and put in the dishwasher for ease.

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