June 10, 2023

8 tips for a luminous skin

1. When removing makeup, do not scrub your skinit is not better cleaned and can be irritated. Remove makeup gently until your cotton is clean.

2. Avoid make-up milks face to cleanse your eyes They burn and swell the eyelids. Also avoid alcoholic lotions, even if you have the skin fat.

3. Never fiddle a button: once your face clean it, dab it several times with a cotton bud soaked with transcutaneous hexomedine, then apply a little camphor ointment (found in perfumery) before going to bed.

4. Always clean your face with careeven if you do not do much makeup. Many brands offer cleansing waters that will prevent you from using several makeup removers (one for the eyes, one for waterproof makeup, and one for the face...). In addition, these cleansing waters are very good for dry and sensitive skin.

5. Make a scrub and mask once a week and use a cream of care morning and evening. Naturally, all these care must be adapted to your type of skin.
Warning: the makeup base is not a care and does not replace your cream!

6. Treat chapped lips, local redness and irritation. A calendula cream that you lay in a thick layer on the part to be treated will work wonders.

7. To have a beautiful skinit is not enough to treat it externally. Stress, pollution and an unbalanced diet alter the state of your skin. Nutritional supplements are a great way to take care of your skin. Their components (evening primrose oils, borage, wheat germ, vitamins, antioxidants, telenium, zinc) will give a little boost to tired skin!

8. Last advicespray on your face a little water with a mist that you have stored in the refrigerator. This is the fastest glow mask, ideal at night to relax the features!

8 Effective Skincare Tips (for healthy glowy skin) **NOT SPONSORED** (June 2023)