June 2, 2020

8 tips for living well in bedridden pregnancy

Take care of yourself
Enjoy your time to take care of yourself. Put some nail polish, wear nice clothes, make up, put on your hair. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also return the image of an attractive woman to your man. Also use all these hours to rest. When baby will be there, he will ask all your attention. In addition, sleep can forget those minutes that scroll too slowly.

Make yourself comfortable
Remote control, MP3 player, sudoku grids, chess game ... Have everything at your fingertips to avoid getting up. Also think about the thermos bottle and your favorite herbal tea, also plan a packet of cakes or some fruits in case of small hollow. And since the sofa becomes your headquarters for a while, as much as it inspires you. Opt for beautiful cushions, place a bouquet of flowers in front of you ... In short, develop this new living space to live better your pregnancy

Find an occupation
Canvas, scrapbooking, photo album ... Why not use your time to get started in a new hobby? Make pretty necklaces, put on the sewing or discover the patchwork. You are not manual? Order some books and then devour them. Familiarize yourself with Chinese or put yourself in English. In addition, thanks to the Internet boxes and their videos on demand, you can easily introduce yourself to the classics of cinema or watch documentaries. Ideal to shine in society!

Get out of your isolation
Phone your friends, invite your mother to tea ... In short, ask your relatives to support you. Why not organize a meal at home? Of course, it is the others who cook and set the table!
The Internet also breaks the isolation. If you feel the soul of a writer, open a blog to share your experience. Speak on the forums, comment on the messages, share your concerns. Other moms will be of great help to you.

Stop feeling guilty
Baby can go out at any time, and Jules takes care of everything at home. Forcibly, it makes you feel guilty. However, it is not your fault if you are bedridden. And you would have done the same thing for Chouchou if he was sick. No need to blame you. Do not set the bar too high and ask only the bare necessities. As soon as you are on your feet, you will resume your role as hostess. Chouchou works a lot? Ask a housekeeper or a family worker at CAF, especially if you have toddlers. Household, school trips, meals ... It will be precious to you.

Live your pregnancy to the full
Some moms feel like they have a pregnancy stolen or invisible to others. If this is your case, do not hesitate to take a picture to show the evolution of your pregnancy to your loved ones. Also, prepare the invitations, order some birth gifts ... And ask your friends to contribute to offer you a special thalassotherapy mom. That should help you wait!

Explain the situation
Does your boss think you prefer your couch to your desk? Explain clearly the situation: no, you are not bedridden for pleasure. Also let your child know if your child is at risk if you do not follow the instructions of the doctors. This will help your boss better understand your absence.

Every day that passes, is a day of gain for your child, who is gradually getting away from prematurity. On the other hand, if you have been bedridden for your first child, that does not mean that you will be for the next one. Each pregnancy is unique. As soon as baby will be there, this period of boredom and anxiety will be forgotten and you will focus only on your little one.

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