May 30, 2020

9 misconceptions to forget when we want to make a baby

Keep your legs up during love, eat certain foods to steer the sex of baby, to favor certain positions ... the received ideas are tenacious and imply a whole gymnastics not necessarily necessary to put baby on the way. The point about these grandmothers stuff and other misconceptions:
  • The pill does not diminish the chances of getting pregnant. Rest assured, whether you have been on a pill since your thirteen years or less, your fertility is not impacted. The action of the pill, which blocks ovulation, is reversible, regardless of its duration of use. If for some women the coming of baby can take a few months, for others the pregnancy is possible from the end of contraception. The proof is with these women who fall pregnant as soon as you forget a tablet. It is the same with the IUD.
  • A delay in menstruation is not necessarily synonymous with pregnancy. Not too eager if your period does not fall on the usual day. If this is indeed one of the major signs of a pregnancyit is possible that a stress or a change in your daily life causes a disturbance and delays the arrival of your rules. To have the heart net, you can perform a urine test of pregnancy available in pharmacy that can detect a pregnancy from one to four days late. If the test is negative, again do not be too disappointed: the amount of HCG hormones secreted by the egg may be too low to be detected. It is then necessary to repeat a test a few days later to confirm or invalidate the diagnosis.
  • Father's age also affects the chances of pregnancy. It is true that spermatogenesis (the production of spermatozoa) occurs throughout life in humans, contrary to ovogenesis in women. But its age also affects its fertility, although its effect is less important and later than in women (fertility decline after 35 years for a woman and after 40 years for a man). As they get older, the spermatozoa become less numerous and of less good quality (they are less mobile and less rapid), and therefore less fertile. The occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities in spermatozoa is also more common with age (after age 50).
  • The fertility period is not limited to the 14e cycle day.
    Obviously, fertilization can take place only during the encounter between male and female gametes. The woman ovulates once per cycle, but the fertility period includes the three days before ovulation and the twenty-four hours after ovulation. Indeed, sperm can remain alive and fertile for three days in the female genital tract. The ovum, it deteriorates in twenty-four hours in the absence of fertilization. Not to mention the ovulations that can occur in case of a disturbance. So enjoy yourself regularly without limiting yourself to one day a month, which would have the effect of increasing stress!
  • Female orgasm does not affect fertility.
    Do not worry if you do not always achieve orgasm during intercourse, fertilization will not be affected! The most important thing is for you to have fun (even if the pleasure will not affect the design). On the other hand, your man must absolutely ejaculate so that the meeting between ovum and spermatozoa is possible!
  • An absence of pregnancy after 4 months of regular reports is not worrying.
    Each woman is different and if your friend fell pregnant the first month after stopping contraception, the conception of your baby may take several months. Do not panic, an average of one year is medically reasonable for fertilization to occur. Yes baby do not always tip the tip of your nose after a period of more than a year of regular sex (more than six months if you are over 35), it is still wiser to consult your gynecologist to explore the problem. Without thinking immediately of infertility, your doctor may put your finger on a reversible factor that previously prevented fertilization.
  • Stopping smoking and / or alcohol should not wait until the beginning of pregnancy.
    If it is imperative to stop smoking and alcohol as soon as you learn that you are pregnant to avoid malformations and disorders of the development of the fetus, it is also strongly recommended to stop these harmful consumptions as soon as you wish tochild to put the odds on your side and design baby as quickly as possible. Tobacco and alcohol reduce fertility in both men and women by reducing the number of spermatozoa and oocytes and increasing the number of genetic abnormalities in these cells. These effects are reversible once their consumption is stopped. Another motivation to abandon these bad habits!
  • There is no ideal position to get pregnant.
    Do not confine yourself to a single page of Kama-sutra, the essential thing is to make love while having fun. The spermatozoa join the egg through their movements in the cervical mucus and under the effect of chemical signals. They are doing so very well alone once released into your vagina. You do not have to sit up for hours in the air. However, you can lie down for several minutes after the act so that as many sperm can have the chance to pass the cervix.
  • There is no miracle method to guide the sex of baby.
    Specific day of the cycle to select sperm, restrictive diets ... forget everything! No method has proven itself, the sex of baby will be determined by the sex chromosome (X for a girl, Y for a boy) carried by the spermatozoon that will fertilize the egg (the egg has a single kind of sex chromosome: the X). Before that, you do not need to force yourself into a wacky diet that could lead to nutrient deficiencies. The whole thing is to eat balanced and make love regularly, with pleasure, without focusing on the sole purpose of creating baby. And the surprise will only be better!

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