October 21, 2020

A beautiful pair of buttocks, instructions for use

Contrary to popular belief, buttocks are not composed of fat. It is not one but three muscles that make up our butt: the gluteus maximus, located at the back of the pelvis, the one that draws this sexy bulge; the gluteus medius, located under the hip, which emphasizes the lateral edges of the buttock and finally the gluteus maximus, lodged in depth. So to wear a camber worthy of Beyoncé, you have to start with muscle!

Gym minute slimming for you to carve steel buttocks at home

1? Lying, both feet on the floor and knees bent. As in an abdo-glutes course, climb the pelvis. Make 4 sets of 15 and then a last set counting 8 seconds at each climb.

2? Lying on your side with your legs extended, put an elastic band around your ankles. Lift one leg up while the other stays in suspension a few inches from the ground.
Hold the position, even if it burns. This exercise is excellent for shaping the glutes.

3? At home, walk on tiptoe. For more effect, wear weighted bracelets at the ankles.

4? Slots: Standing with arms at your sides, move your right foot far ahead and bend the knee 90 degrees. Keep your back straight and knee above the ankle. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise thirty times on each side.

Good to know: Outside, take the stairs and nothing but the stairs! Ride them on tiptoe or in pairs.

Good reflexes go through the plate

For a pair of toned and curvy buttocks, follow our nutrition tips:

1st tip: avoid fat, especially in the evening

The woman tends to store fat at the lower body, in the buttocks and upper thighs (the saddlebags) while men store more at the belly (the belly) and the wrists of love. And if nature is unfair, it is possible to help by following a few simple rules:

For dessert, skip the cheese that you will replace for example with nuts, hazelnuts and almonds that provide vitamins E and essential fatty acids. Another tip, do not go over a tablespoon of oil per meal, your preference going to olive oil or rapeseed oil.

2nd tip: stop at snacking

Easier to say than to do ... but oh so effective!
Rather than throwing yourself on chocolate bars when you're hungry, opt for a "healthy" snack with a fruit or a compote. And if you really can not resist the temptation, crack for the butter croissant in the morning rather than at the snack because you will have more chances to burn calories during the day.

3rd tip: fill up on protein

Indispensable to our body, they provide fuel, therefore energy. Indispensable to every meal, you will find them in fish, poultry. Small advice: accompany them preferably slow sugars and fibers (rice, semolina, etc.)

The 3 sports that musclent your back

Glutes are muscles that take form difficulty. the key words: patience and endurance! But the results will be worth it!

- The walk
To keep the formit is advisable to walk 30 minutes a day. Little more to multiply the effects: contract the glutes as soon as you think about it, at any time of the day, even in the office

Good to know: it seems that Madonna's private coach has advised her to do it every time she walks through a door! Do the same for any occasion, at a red light, in the elevator, in front of your computer or while shopping. So sexy ...

- Roller
It is one of the most effective sports to model its rear and have fun. At the same time, you will improve your lap belt and improve your cardiovascular capacity

- The swimming
Option water aerobics : Ideal to fight against the saddlebags, the movements carried out in the water make it possible to strengthen the muscles quite smoothly.

Option swimming : If you prefer chaining lengths like Laure Manaudou, put on fitness fins and put on the crawl.

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