April 10, 2021

A camera to make family photos as a pro

1 / Neither too far nor too close
A good photo of family it is the one where all your loved ones enter the frame, without a head or arm being accidentally cut. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do several quick tests and if necessary, gently ask people to tighten up. Choose a wide angle lens and then adjust the zoom to focus on the smiles of your loved ones that will be the best memories of this shot. To manage distances, the NEX-5R comes with a standard zoom lens (E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6) and is compatible with other lenses, ranging from ultra-wide to ultra-wide to true paparazzi telephoto.

2 / The choice of place
Let things be clear, with the Sony NEX-5R, you'll be able to take your photos from family just about anywhere. Compact, this DSLR camera is small and therefore gets carried away everywhere, but that is not necessarily a reason to botch his photo of family and do not take the time to really choose the place of immortalization. So prefer a place that allows enough perspective and offers a charming perspective rather than a sad bottom that will not put people in value.

3 / The natural picture
Apart from the photos of groups very posed, natural photos often have their effect. For that, two watchwords: observation and speed. Fugitive snapshots are even easier with the Sony NEX-5R, which allows a specific autofocus to freeze fast actions. So you can not miss the laughter of your loved ones, or the sparkling eyes of the little ones in the morning of Christmas.

4 / Souvenir films
In familythere are the moments fixed for posterity, but also the little films that we can read with pleasure, for emotion or for laughter. To be sure, the Sony NEX-5R has a sensor that allows you to shoot in Full HD for a near-professional result. Focusing and settings are automatically based on the light and the distance to the scene. Admittedly, you may not be competing with Doisneau or Spielberg, but the result will be, for you, necessarily full of sensitivity.

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