September 25, 2021

A curvaceous calendar to feel beautiful

Here's a good news: finally pictures where girls have shapes! The calendar 2010 "Resolutions" reassures us, the photographers also like the rounds. Without complex and in all simplicity, eleven beautiful and glamorous women as well as a man pose for the photographer Hervé Lewis.

Thanks to these images, we feel beautiful and good in our body. This calendar illustrates each month a resolution of health, because it is his initial message: to fight for the prevention of the overweight and theobesity. A less glamorous but essential subject.

Through each photo, a commitment is made by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health, the group behind this calendar, in collaboration with CNAO, National Collective of Obesity and Overweight Associations. The twelve photos illustrate twelve expert advice in the field of health.

This calendar is sold since November 16, 2009 on the Internet (Fnac and Amazon) for the benefit of the Foundation for Medical Research, to fund research on overweight.

But for the moment, we never tire of admiring these models in their top forms, posing with simplicity and mischief. because, of course, being overweight can be dangerous for your health, but thinness must not reign over the realm of beauty. Some forms here and there are so attractive ... The 2010 resolution? Be good in your body!

Calendar "Resolutions": 18?

The Zigga Zagga Productions 2010 Calendar Hits the Streets (September 2021)