January 16, 2022

A diet that skids

At 14, Justine is already tall, 1m73 for 76 kgs. For its size and age, nothing really worrying, except some curves. "It's true that our daughter liked to eat and that with my husband we made some jokes about his shape and his appetite, but in our eyes it was not bad, of course." Still, the teenager will take his remarks to the letter and after several failed attempts she starts a diet who will quickly skip, since she decides to eat almost nothing. "Seeing that after ten days, Justine still held, I told her not to delete everything in her diet. diet becomes far too restrictive for a girl of his age. She barely ate yogurt. She had suppressed the snack. But as I only saw her in the evening, she told me that the lunch in the canteen had been too rich. I will discover later that she was skipping this meal. She often left the table pretending she had a lot of homework. "

Skid Row - 18 And Life (Official Music Video) (January 2022)