August 16, 2022

A gourmet platter for every TV party!

Before Masterchef
Cooking competition requires, set yourself an hour to make an entry, a dish and a balanced dessert. So, revisit the famous tomato-mozza or the salad Caesar. Chained with an apricot quail or pigeon and finish with a salad of fruits high in color and flavors. Like the candidates, be precise in seasoning and dressage. Present your dish in a casserole, the dessert in a verrine ... Then, enjoy your little ones dishes while candidates strive to sublimate Pisces, meats, fruits and vegetables.

In front of Secret Story
Your mission, if you accept it, is to make a surprise TV set for your man. Not only will he have to guess the ingredients that make it up, but he will have to prepare one for you. Moreover, do not hesitate to sow doubt in his mind by resorting to rare or unusual ingredients. In entrance, make a macedoine of vegetables fresh ham and drop some chips of summer truffle. In dishcook zucchini stuffed with bush, bacon aiguillettes and basil. And for dessert, make a wasabi ice cream. It will be difficult to break through your culinary secrets!

In front of Avatar
Tonight, you decided to watch Avatar on your screen dish. Stay in the colors of the film, namely: blue, green and purple. To do this, use and abuse food coloring and naturally tinted foods. As a starter, prepare a beetroot soup with the Laughing Cow. In dish, serve a fish with mashed potatoes. And for dessert, prepare a Blue Curacao sorbet or Jet 27 cream.

In front of Dr. House
To make a TV set inspired by Dr. House or Gray's Anatomy, get pipettes and other food syringes. As a starter, serve a bowl of soup of vegetables enhanced by a touch of cream, referring to meals taken by patients. Continue with mini-sandwiches, pies, pizzas or bagels, like doctors who often nibble on the go. Finally, prepare a baba served with a pipette filled with rum.

In front of Sex and the city 2
In front of this 100% girly movie, Carrie and her friends go to Abu Dhabi to discover the Middle East. Get inspired by oriental flavors to make beef or tuna samosas, hummus, salads tomatoes and peppers. In dishchoose lamb skewers accompanied by semolina and vegetables. For dessert, give up gazelle horns or makrouds. And prefer a salad orange or cinnamon ice cream, lighter.

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