June 23, 2021

A light summer: sherbet or ice cream?

Each year, the glaciers compete in imagination to offer you new flavors: melon, fig or mandarin for sherbet, gianduja, tiramisu or caramel salted butter for ice cream. While the thermometer exceeds 25 degrees on the counter, we like to salivate in front of a creamy cornet ... But as greed and swimsuit do not always get together, a small point is needed on the caloric virtues of the ice and other fruity sorbets.

With 6kg of ice cream and sorbet per person per year, the French are followers of these sweets of the summer, but it is nothing next to the Italians (10 kg) and especially Americans (30 kg of ice cream per person and per year).

More refreshing than ice cream, sherbet is also less caloric (count 60 kcal per scoop against 120 kcal for one ice cream). If on a hot summer afternoon, you are looking for a refreshing pleasure, the sorbet is ideal ... Among the novelties of the season, why not try out the new Golden Card, the Quetsche sorbet. With at least 45% fruit, water and sugars, full fruit sorbets are part of a balanced diet. In addition, 2 balls of sorbet represent about 90 kcal and can therefore be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet.
Book the ice cream for gourmet moments, and do not overdo it: 1 ice a week, it's good for the line ...

Be careful not to confuse ice cream and ice cream! The restaurants and specialty cafes offer explosive ice cream cuts: 3 balls, chocolate sauce, almonds, cookie pieces, whipped cream ... nothing is too good for the taste buds ... But watch out for the caloric addition, often very salty. At more than 500 kcal the cup, we go soft ... or we share a cup for two.

Another calorie trap, the famous Magnum. If Eva Longoria boasts the merits, know that 350 kcal Magnum, it is better not to abuse. Otherwise, opt for the mii Magnum, much more light!


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